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Last August, we interviewed singer-songwriter Alyssa Graham, where she talked about her newly-released EP and her love for Neil Young (who, of course, is a favorite here at SIC). Well, today is a big day for Graham, as the full-length album of that aforementioned EP, Lock, Stock & Soul, has been released to the world (I’d recommend purchasing the Deluxe Edition that iTunes is currently offering here).

Our favorite track from Lock, Stock & Soul, “‘Til My Heart Quakes,” has been recently been made into a video of which we also highly approve. Check it.

We asked Graham to create a 10 to Spin playlist on the heels of Lock, Stock & Soul’s release, and she didn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s one of our favorite ones yet. Thanks, Alyssa! 

Playlist: Songs On Contemplating President Romney
I’m not sure I need to say more about the concept of this playlist. Music is a powerful tool and we often turn to music in times of need to express ourselves and communicate with like-minded folks. So, without further adieu…

Help – The Beatles

Written by John Lennon and used on the soundtrack of the 1965 film by the same name, I would say this is one of the top 20 songs ever written. I remember as a little girl taking my mom’s cassette tape of the Beatles, sitting down at the river behind my house and listening to this track over and over again analyzing my “big problems” at age 7 or 8.

Airbag – Radiohead

I once read that Thom Yorke wrote this song after being in a car accident with his girlfriend in the 80’s. The song was released in 1997 on my absolute favorite Radiohead album, OK Computer. I fell in love with Radiohead after hearing this album and seeing Thom Yorke perform at an outdoor venue in MA. Something about his voice, his connection to the music and his unique presence hooked me.  Radiohead has a big place in my music collection.

Fool on The Hill – The Beatles

I loved/love Paul McCartney as much as I love John Lennon, so had to put one of his tunes on the playlist. It’s only fair. Recorded in 1967 as part of the Magical Mystery Tour which I always thought was so, well… magical as a kid. “Fool On The Hill” always made me think of a wondering poet or bard philosophizing on a grassy hill outside of town. I certainly thought there was one in our town that I could find if I looked hard enough.

You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt

Her 1975 #1 hit.  I wasn’t a Linda Ronstadt fan per se but I always was/am a huge Neil Young fan.  I first heard Ronstadt’s voice on one of my favorite Neil albums, Harvest.  She sang back up vocals on “Heart of Gold” and “Old Man.”  I started paying more attention to her after that. “You’re No Good” is a great anthem, one particularly appropriate for this playlist.

Lost Cause – Beck

I love everything about the album Sea Change; the production is mind blowing. I fell in love with this track while learning it on the piano. There is something very spiritual about the song and the whole album. It’s a sad song, but sad in a good way as it makes you feel something.

Wrecking Ball  – Emmylou Harris

Masterpiece album, masterpiece track written by none other than Neil Young. The mood is dark and complex and wide-open. In my opinion, this is one of Emmylou’s best and a beautiful departure from her traditional sound. This album really introduced me to the genius of Emmylou and producer Daniel Lanois.  Reminds me, I have to go pick this up in vinyl!

Vampire Blues – Neil Young

On The Beach is my favorite album… EVER. The tracks on side B, including the title track, “Motion Pictures” and “Ambulance Blues” are three of the songs that influenced me most in my life and my career. However, “Vampire Blues” is a kick ass tune and often overlooked. I think Neil wrote it as an attack on the oil companies, but metaphorically it works for this playlist too.

Destroyer – The Kinks

Written by Ray Davies off the Kinks album, Give The People What They Want.  Amazing song, amazing band.  No need to say more. Our musical landscape wouldn’t be the same without The Kinks.  Gotta love ‘em.

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – The Animals

The Animals made this track what it is in 1965.  It became an anthem for U.S. soldiers in the Vietnam War. I remember hearing this song as a teenager on one of my parent’s old records. I adopted it as my theme song when I got fed up with my parents, my high school, my town, etc. It was just a fun song to belt out at the top of your lungs.

Rapture – Blondie

No playlist is complete without Blondie! The new wave/pop hit from Blondie’s album Autoamerican was always one of my favorites.  Rapture… bliss or misery… you decide.

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