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Last month at Kanrocksas, we were greeted by Doomtree, a group of rappers from Minneapolis who knew exactly how to put on an afternoon show. It didn’t take them but a couple songs to get out into the crowd to whoop it up with a few hundred people enjoying their set, which turned out to be one of the best of the day.

Doomtree, who will release No Kings on November 22nd, is seven rappers in all, and yes, there are side projects. Sims, who compiled our latest 10 to Spin below, released Bad Time Zoo back in February, and will be going out on tour with Lazerbeak and Cecil Otter, also of Doomtree, in just a couple of weeks. Here’s a little bit about that tour, which hits Cicero’s in Saint Louis on October 2nd.

It should also be mentioned that Dessa of Doomtree will be releasing a solo album called Castor, the Twin, on October 4th. She’s the real deal, just like her Doomtree counterparts — I’ll call her my favorite female rapper, even only after seeing her perform just once. She’s oh-so awesome when she’s doing her thang onstage.

Please take some time to spin through Sims’ selections below! A fine 10 to Spin, if we do say so ourselves.

“You find yourself with a lot of time to listen to music when on tour; almost too much. Almost. Rather than putting together a list of podcasts I decided to stay traditional and show you a small sample of what I listen to on the road. All of these songs mean something special to me, and I think that is a really cool feature about music, a song or album can be as much about memory and the experience of where you were and what you were doing when you first listened to that particular piece as it can be about actually being a great song. For example I first heard the song “The Hollows” by Why? at 6:30AM in the van somewhere in Wyoming at the tail(ish) end of an all night drive from Denver to Salt Lake City. Every time I hear that song I think about the eerily spectacular light from the sun rise coming over the wheat fields, five people passed out in the back of the van, Cecil and I slamming burnt gas station coffee. I hope you enjoy the rest of these.” –Sims of Doomtree

1) Jay-Z “American Dreamin'” from American Gangster

2) Why? “The Hollows” from Alopecia

3) Miike Snow “Plastic Jungle” from Miike Snow

4) GAYNGS “Crystal Rope” from Relayted

5) Paul McCartney “Ram On” from Ram

6) SBTRKT “Wildfire” from SBTRKT

7) Department of Eagles “Sailing By Night” from The Cold Nose

8) Serengeti “Dennehey” from Dennehy

9) Aesop Rock “Coffee” from None Shall Pass 

10) Rich Boy “Let’s Get This Paper” from Rich Boy

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