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Of course, it’s a familiar formula for a song: summer comes, and a relationship ends. And Fallulah’s latest, “He’ll Break Up With You When Summer Comes,” is just that on the surface — an old routine. But there is something about her voice when she sings, “You motherfucking asshole, you make me bitter and ice cold” that isn’t normal. It’s harsh, and it works. Here, have a listen.

You might know Fallulah from her songs “Bridges“or “I Lay My Head” from her 2010 release, The Black Cat Neighbourhood. She’s one of our favorite Danish artists, and she’s also the subject of our latest 10 to Spin, where she went all Scandinavian on us.

My Favourite Scandinavian songs (mostly Danish & Swedish)

1. When Saint Go Machine – Parix

This is a really talented 4-piece Copenhagen band. The guys grew up together, and their music is really experimental and brave. I think they could be really big outside of Denmark. The track “Parix” just drilled its way into my brain, and has stayed.

2. Little Dragon – Ritual Union

I don’t know this Swedish band that well yet, but I like everything I’ve heard from them so far.  The lead singer, Yukimi, has the most amazing way of singing, and I like that little doodle she does on each end sentence. It’s also really cool that she worked with Gorillaz; I’m a nerdy Damon Albarn fangirl.

3. Lykke Li – Window Blues

Nothing new here, but in my opinion, she’s one of the most interesting artists to ever emerge from Scandinavia. She’s such a little powerhouse, and I think it’s pretty cool how she’s so serious about her work, with absolutely no hints of irony. She insists on being an artiste. I’m especially a fan of her first album. Unlike most, I think it’s more original sounding and touching than the sequal.

4. Shanghai – Mine, Mine, Mine

A bit of nepotism may play in here, because I used to have one of these guys in my live band, but I honestly think they are very good. It consists of two guys, and it’s a fairly new band, but they have received quite a lot of love. This song is like a strange concoction of the Beatles, new age, and grunge. Great chorus!

5. Björk – Human Behaviour

I’ve never listened to a lot of Björk, I don’t think I even own one of her albums. It’s not because I don’t want to, but I started listening to music in a late age, so just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I know her biggest tracks, of course, and this one has got to be my favourite of hers. I love when music can be both recognizable and groundbreaking at the same time.

6. Nabiha – Never Played the Bass

This Danish/African singer is a pure pop delight. Her sound has that grand international pop thing going on, and she’s an amazing vocalist.  Her latest single, “Never Played The Bass,” is very fun and upbeat. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a really nice person, also.

7. Peter, Björn and John – Second Chance

This Swedish trio is just so fun. I saw them live once, and they were mad crazy. I bought the album, but I end up mostly listening to this one song. It’s got great energy and a positive message. We need that sometimes.

8. Miss Li – Bourgeois Shangri-La

I supported Swedish Miss Li on some gigs a couple of years back. She had such a good grip on her audience, and they loved her. I believe this song was used on an iPod commercial. It’s completely up my alley, it’s good great rhythm, energy, and clever lyrics.

9. The Raveonettes – Love in a Trash Can

I’m not a huge Raveonettes fan, but I think this song is a classic. I love the nonchalance and coolness in it, and the male/female dynamic creates a good depth. The video is cool, too.

10. Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann – Dansevise

I have to include this oldie. It’s from the Eurovision contest 1963. I think it’s the only decent song to have entered that competition. It’s such a beautiful melody and it always puts me in a nice melancholic state.

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