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Song Preservation Society is comprised of three friends: Trevor Bahnson, Ethan Glazer, and Daniel Wright. Their brand of folk is streaked with Golden State sunlight and has been compared to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel, The Band, Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty. Together with just acoustic guitars and a charming stage presence, the trio puts on one of the best shows you’ll see, one that you’d want to last much longer than it does (which says a lot). Stream their gorgeous, glowing “Ready Room” EP then listen to 10 of their favorite songs by some of SIC’s favorite artists.

John Prine – “Sam Stone”
Listening to a song by John Prine is like reading a book about yourself. He touches on dark, real, and seldom mentioned places while maintaining a certain lightness that allows you to make your way through the story. 

Daniel Johnston – “True Love Will Find You in the End”
songwriters are as brave as Daniel Johnston. This song in particular
has remained a map of the ups and downs of Love. You need to know Daniel

The Beach Boys – “You Still Believe in Me”
Sounds is monumental for us!  The music and orchestration is inspiring,
but what is so unique about this track is the lyrics, which give a
vulnerable insight to the lesser-portrayed side of a man’s place in the

Paul Simon – “Hearts And Bones”
The perfectly
simplistic lyrics and rhythms completely embody the genius of Paul
Simon.  This simultaneous journey through love and the world gets us
every time.

Neil Young – “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”
The unique chord progression and urgent vocals paired with the powerful
images of the city make this one of Young’s greatest gems. Killer album
as well.

Radiohead – “How To Disappear Completely”
changed music forever right before our very eyes.  The album,
Kid A, is
one of their biggest leaps.  This heartbreaking track beautifully
illustrates that change with its marriage of acoustic and electronic

Bob Dylan – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
Dylan has a way of making a song so deep, yet so accessible that it can
be the first song that you learn (in this case it was Trevor’s) or a
companion that remains current throughout your entire life. Music just
wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Joni Mitchell – “All I Want”
interesting instrumentation (played almost entirely by Joni herself)
sets the tone for this great album. The desperation in the lyrics of a
woman who wants to free herself and those around her helps us boys see
things from the other side of the fence. 

Jackson Browne – “These Days”
were all together at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit when we saw
Jackson Browne completely silence 20,000 people with “These Days.”
 Also, the fact that this song was written at age 16 and sounds as if he
has lived a lifetime, keeps us on our toes. 

The Beatles – Every Beatles song ever. 
much to say here. The world just wouldn’t be right without any of the
massively important work that went into all of this music.*

*Author’s note: This is my favorite Beatles song.

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