Monday, March 12, 2012

MP3 | Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Live, 09/02/02)

Many of us know this song as we hear it on A Ghost is Born and Kicking Television, but "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" started out much simpler from that version. Actually, it was first performed in 2001 at a Jeff Tweedy solo show in Chicago; below, taken from the 2002 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, it's with the full band, sharp and melodic - perhaps in its finest form (2002 Wilco lineup: Tweedy, Stirrat, Bach, Kotche).

Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke), 09/02/02

P.S. Many thanks to the person who recorded the full show, which you can download here.