Jam of the Day | The Cave Singers – Black Leaf

In the past, we’ve posted about songs that make us feel like everything from dancers to old people. The Cave Singers, however, have given us a song that makes us feel like friggin’ badasses. Don’t believe us? Just start playing it below while you read the rest of this. Go ahead. Really. We’ll wait…

Good lord, do you hear that beat? And the driving rhythm? And the vocals cut through it all like a damn chainsaw wearing a leather jacket, or bandana, or something a true badass would wear when buying a forty at a liquor store. It basically begs you to say something, and when you do, it pops you upside the head and calls your mom a slut. Yeah, it’s like that.

In all seriousness, the song is awesome, and the album as a whole is well worth the money. Get it here. Also, The Cave Singers are currently opening for Fleet Foxes, so if you get a chance, make sure to see that.

The Cave Singers – Black Leaf

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