Amy LaVere (The Interview)

Last August, Amy LaVere took part in our 10 to Spin series. Her theme? The road. Well, “Planes, Trains, and Automoblies,” to be exact. And guess what? LaVere’s on the road again, back in Saint Louis tomorrow night at the Old Rock House, opening for Rich Robinson (8 PM).

We’re big fans of LaVere’s 2011 release, Stranger Me, especially the track “You Can’t Keep Me.” It’s sort of one of those “I never wanna see you again” tunes. Hits the spot, as usual.

We recently caught up with LaVere over email.

You released Stranger Me last year. Looking back, what were the challenges of recording that album?

The recording was actually the easy, fun part. It was all the mess of getting the right people in the studio.

What were some of the highlights of touring last year? Any stories you would like to share? 

I love touring. Adventure is what gets me up in the morning. When I think back on the year I just see a big white light of adventure. Or it could be that I’ve just woke up and the sun is blinding me in this room.

When you’re writing and recording a song, at what point do you know it’s finished?

They are  never finished. I am constantly changing them. Roughening or rounding their edges to keep them interesting to me.

You’ve played St. Louis a few times over the years. Do you have any memories that stand out?

I’ve left something in the greenroom every time I play there for some reason.  So at the moment I have jacket in St. Louis that I can’t get out of mind.

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