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Anna Rose may like to escape every now and then, but singing and writing songs has always been in her blood. Once the 25-year-old from Manhattan picked up the guitar, it’s always been in her life: with her on subways, used heavily in her songs she records and performs.

Rose, it seems, knows what makes her happy. Give her Hendrix. Give her Chuck Berry. Give her Tom Waits and Jeff Beck. Always give her a guitar.

We asked Rose to be part of our 10 to Spin series, and just like her debut album, Nomad, she delivered. Have a look below and enjoy.

Train Leaving Grand Central Station: a playlist for escaping from your life.

Often times, I find myself sitting on a train in Grand Central, anticipating that little chime that means the doors will close and the train will take me away. I’m usually sweating because I’ve run to catch the train with my guitar on my back and my dog tugging at her leash. Once we’re moving, I immediately feel at peace. I take a deep breath, turn on the playlist I’ve pre-made for the trip, close my eyes and then I am in my own version of heaven…as long as no one bothers me. Now that I’ve set the scene for you, here’s my playlist. It’s a compilation of songs that I put together for a train ride just like this one. They’re all songs that inspire me and get me in the mood to write music, which is usually what I’m getting out of the city to do. There’s something about the movement of the train and the music together that creates perfect happiness for me. Enjoy!

Tangerine – Led Zeppelin

Hear My Train a Comin’ – Jimi Hendrix

The Difference Between Us – The Dead Weather

Take Me To The River – Talking Heads

I’m Slowly Turning Into You – The White Stripes

Chain Of Fools – Aretha Franklin

Human Nature – Michael Jackson

Me, My Yoke and I – Damien Rice

No Wow – The Kills

Death Letter – Son House

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