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One thing the most gluttonous of gormandizing holidays is not lacking is…girth. Given Thanksgiving is now overflowing with deep fried turkeys, blow-up yard pilgrims, ethnic cleansing debates, wine, family tension, pickled beets (you know who you are), and football, it seems as though there’s barely enough room to pack in one extra pinto bean.

But The Apache Relay, a band that’s earned a  Jam of the Day, as well as a stellar concert review from us, has given us a little something extra to consider at the beginning of this holiday season: a brand new 10 to Spin playlist for your drive to grandma’s house!

Give it a spin below!

1. Patrice Holloway – “A Touch of Venus”

2. Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Our Hearts Are Wrong”

3. Sam Quinn and Japan Ten – “Gun”

4. Tony Rice – “Why You Been Gone So Long”

5. Girls – “Heartbreaker”

6. Elliot Smith – “Happiness”

7. The Band – “King Harvest (Has Surely Come)”

8. Loose Fur – “Laminated Cat”

9. Wolf Parade” – Cave-O-Sapien”

10. Bon Iver” – Bloodbank”

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