Boston Car Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to car speakers, Boston is one of the top brands in the industry. Boston car speakers are known for their superior sound quality, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re looking for a basic system for your car or a more sophisticated system, Boston has something for you. Here are five key points to consider when looking for Boston car speakers:

1. Sound Quality: Boston car speakers offer superior sound quality, with clear highs and deep bass. The brand is renowned for its acoustic accuracy, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best audio experience.

2. Durability: Boston car speakers are built to last, so you can count on them to hold up through wear and tear. This is especially important if you’re looking for a system that can withstand the rigors of the road.

3. Affordability: Boston car speakers are surprisingly affordable, making them a great choice for anyone on a budget. You can find speakers that fit your budget without compromising on quality.

4. Installation: Installing Boston car speakers can be a bit tricky, so it’s best to get help from a professional. This will ensure that your speakers are properly installed and that they’ll sound great.

5. Accessories: Boston car speakers come with a range of accessories, such as tweeters and subwoofers, so you can customize your system to your liking. You can also find a variety of mounting options, so you can get the best sound quality.

Overall, Boston car speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for superior sound quality, durability, and affordability. With a range of accessories and mounting options, you can customize your system to your liking. Plus, professional installation will ensure that your system sounds great. So if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality car speaker system, Boston is the way to go.

10 Best Selling Boston Car Speakers

1. Boston Acoustics Style 8 Inch Woofer, A60 Series 2, A70 Series 2, T830, W-875

The Boston Acoustics Style 8" Woofer is a perfect addition to any sound system. This woofer offers a unique combination of size, power and response that is unsurpassed in the industry. With its 9" frame, this woofer has a hole cut-out of 7" (178mm) and a depth of 3.75" (95mm). It also features a 1" (25mm) voice coil and 12 oz magnet with bumped pole piece.

The woofer offers an impedance of 4 ohms, a Re of 3.7 ohms, a power of 60 watts RMS and a response of 37 Hz – 4 kHz. Its sensitivity is 88 dB, 1 watt, 1 meter and its Fs is 37 Hz. Its Vas is 1.72 cu. ft., Qms is 3.183, Qes is .726 and Qts is .591 with an Xmax of 3.25mm.

The SS Audio Boston Acoustics Style 8" Woofer is designed with a poly cone, screen dust cap and foam surround. It has been designed to offer superior sound quality and performance.

Although Boston Acoustics has discontinued this woofer, SS Audio has come up with the perfect solution. This woofer is an ideal choice for those wanting an alternative to their discontinued model. With its size, power and response, this woofer is sure to provide an outstanding audio experience.

2. Infinity Kappa-60csx 6.5" Component Speakers Kappa-90csx 6×9 Component Speakers

Infinity is proud to present their Kappa Series of car audio speakers. Both the Kappa-60CSX 6.5” Component Speakers and Kappa-90CSX 6×9 Component Speakers have been designed to the highest standards, offering unparalleled sound quality and reliability.

The Kappa Series of speakers feature glass fiber woofer cones which are lighter and stiffer than their competitors. This allows for an increase in low-frequency output and higher efficiency. Additionally, these speakers feature edge-driven textile dome tweeters for broader, smoother high frequency response.

The Kappa Series speakers also feature a high output 2.5 ohm architecture and low impedance voice coils. This helps to extract every watt from your amplifier, enabling peak power performance with ease. For added peace of mind, the Kappa Series speakers have been rigorously tested in order to ensure their durability and reliability.

Infinity has a long-standing reputation for producing top-notch audio solutions, and their Kappa Series of car audio speakers are no exception. The Kappa Series of car audio speakers have been designed to offer exceptional sound quality and performance, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle’s audio system.

3. Boss Audio Ch5720 Car Speakers – 225w/pair, 5×7", 2 Way, Sold In Pairs

The BOSS Audio Systems CH5720 Car Speakers are a powerful set of 5 x 7 inch car speakers that boast 225 watts of power per pair and 112.5 watts each. The speakers are full range and two-way, making them suitable for a variety of listening needs. The cones are made from polyurethane, a resilient material that offers great sound and lasting durability. The voice coils are able to withstand high temperatures without sacrificing strength or fatigue, allowing for longer play times and lower weights. Rubber surrounds are used to protect the speakers from damage, as well as compliment the speaker's structure. A piezoelectric tweeter is also included, which is resistant to overloads and can be used without a crossover.

For added peace of mind, BOSS Audio Systems provides a generous 3 year platinum online dealer warranty when the purchase is made through This warranty provides excellent protection for buyers and helps ensure that their speakers will last for years to come. With these speakers, customers can enjoy great sound, long lasting durability, and the peace of mind that comes with a great warranty.

4. Cerwin-Vega 2 Pair Xed650c 6.5" 300w Max / 30w Rms 2-Way Component Speaker System Tweeter Crossover

The Cerwin-Vega XED650C 6.5" Component Speaker System is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an upgrade in sound. This two-pair set includes four 6.5" two-way speakers and four 1" balanced metal dome tweeters, as well as four high grade external crossover networks. Each speaker is capable of providing up to 300 watts of peak power and 30 watts of RMS power. The curvilinear polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround ensure a smooth and consistent sound, while the linear woven treated red spider adds increased sound clarity and deep bass response. The 1" balanced metal dome CV tweeter provides an extended frequency response of 60-18,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 93 dB. The top-mount depth is 2.2" making them ideal for mounting in most vehicles. This system is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their sound system, providing crisp and clear sound with deep bass. Whether you're listening to music or watching a movie, the Cerwin-Vega XED650C 6.5" Component Speaker System will provide you with an enhanced audio experience.

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Boston Car Speakers FAQs

Are Boston car speakers good?

Boston car speakers are generally considered to be good options when it comes to car audio. They offer products that range from entry-level to high-end, so there's something for everyone. Boston car speakers are known for their crisp audio and impressive power handling. Additionally, Boston car speakers are also known for their durability, making them a good choice for those looking for a long-lasting audio solution. Additionally, many Boston car speakers come with a variety of features, such as adjustable EQ settings and built-in crossovers. This allows for more precise tuning and better sound quality. Overall, Boston car speakers are a great option for anyone looking for a quality audio system for their car.

Does Boston still make speakers?

Yes, Boston still makes speakers. Boston Acoustics is a world-renowned speaker company that is dedicated to creating high-quality sound solutions for a variety of applications. Their speakers are designed to deliver superior sound quality and clarity, and they have an extensive range of products that can accommodate any budget or audio requirement. They offer a variety of home audio systems, car audio systems, outdoor speakers, and more. Their products are designed to provide a full range of sound with superior bass response, and their products are designed to last for years. Boston Acoustics is committed to providing the best sound possible for their customers, and their speakers are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Is Boston a good sound system?

Boston is a well-known brand of sound systems with many quality products. Boston's products are designed for both casual listeners and professional audiophiles alike. Boston's speakers are generally well-regarded for their high-quality sound, good design, and reliability. Their powered subwoofers are also highly praised for their deep, accurate bass and tight sound reproduction. Additionally, Boston's sound systems are often praised for their ease of setup, making them ideal for home theater and audio professionals alike. In short, Boston is a great sound system for those looking for quality and reliability.

What happened to Boston Acoustics?

Boston Acoustics is a well-known audio equipment manufacturer that was founded in 1979. The company was acquired by D&M Holdings in 2005 and in 2013, Sound United LLC purchased the brand from the Japanese firm. In 2017, Sound United announced that it was discontinuing the Boston Acoustics brand and focusing its resources on its other successful brands, such as Denon and Marantz. The company’s products are no longer available in the market. However, the brand still has a strong following of loyal customers and its products are still highly sought after.

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