Concert Photos | The Tallest Man on Earth + Strand of Oaks at The Pageant

All photos by Louis Kwok

Solo performers aren’t really the rage in these days of ADD, Instagram, Twitter, and general instant gratification. Sweden’s Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth, is an interesting case, though. If charm means anything when it comes to performing, and I think it does, we have a winner here.

Matsson crept out on The Pageant’s stage like a curious gnome, looking out to the crowd with wide eyes, like he had discovered humans for the first time. He opened with “King of Spain,” which drew screams, as did “1904,” “I Won’t Be Found,” and “The Gardener.”

He perhaps saved the best for last with an encore that included “The Wild Hunt,” which led into Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” Like I said: this guy has charm and knows why his fans paid to see him. Do not miss him next time around.

Please enjoy Louis Kwok’s photos of the show (including the opener, Strand of Oaks), and be sure to visit his site here.

Strand of Oaks

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