Concert Preview | The 21 Best Brandi Carlile Songs

The path of least resistance
is catching up with me again today

The truth is, I never had any interest in seeing Brandi Carlile.

I had to be convinced (read: dragged) to her show a few years ago at The Pageant, and what do you know — all I needed was one song (“My Song”) to be sold. And I mean completely sold.

Because the truth is also this: Brandi Carlile is absolutely special, one of a kind, and an extraordinary artist. Hands down, she’s one of the best live performers I’ve seen in the last ten years, and she’ll be back at The Pageant on Wednesday (buy tickets here).

I got to interview Carlile last year about her latest album, Bear Creek. You can read that here while you listen to what I believe are her “21 Best Songs” below (in no particular order).

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