Crooked Fingers Announces Fan-Funded Cover EP + Exclusive MP3

Well, here’s your chance to do something pretty awesome – and of course reap the benefits at the same time. Because good deeds really don’t feel good unless you get some shit in return.

The History:

It’s been eight long years since the release of Crooked Fingers’ unbelievable Reservoir Songs EP, which found leader Eric Bachmann covering songs by Prince, David Bowie, and Bruce Springsteen among others. And after requests from fans for a follow-up, Bachmann found the time to arrange and record Reservoir Songs Volume II, which will include his versions of great songs by The Kinks, Moby Grape, Merle Haggard, and others.

Where You Come In:

Donations to fund the project are being collected via, and with a donation of $15, you get the LP itself as well as a digital download. The target amount reflects the recording and manufacturing costs of the vinyl, plus the royalties paid to the authors of the songs. As an added bonus, any amount raised above the target will be put toward the recording of a new Crooked Fingers LP. That’s worth the $15 alone!

The tracklist and an MP3 from the record are below. Join me – I cashed in at donation #300.

To donate/get your LP click here.

1. Shelly’s Winter Love (Merle Haggard)
2. I Am Not Willing (Moby Grape)
3. Gentle On My Mind (John Hartford)
1. Wild One (Thin Lizzy)
2. Black Rose (Billy Joe Shaver)
3. Strangers (The Kinks)

Crooked Fingers – Gentle On My Mind

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