(A Dance Your Pants Off) Jam of the Day | Robyn – Hang With Me

So the Swedes appear to be on a bit of a roll here at Speakers in Code. On Tuesday, we picked First Aid Kit’s “Hard Believer” as the Pajammy Jam of the Day. On Wednesday, we selected The Tallest Man on Earth’s latest effort as the PJOTD. A truly wonderful PJOTD it was, indeed. Today, on the opposite side of the musical earth, we have another one of Sweden’s finest musicians producing the (first ever) Dance Your Pants Off JOTD.

The lead single off of Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 2 (released this past Tuesday by her own label Konichiwa Records), “Hang With Me,” is another dance-pop gem that will surely earn heavy rotation in clubs and dance remixes for months to come. Utilizing familiar (if not garden variety) beats and synth loops, “Hang With Me” (originally released on Body Talk Pt. 1 as a low key jam) is elevated to epic status by Robyn’s stellar voice and thoughtful lyrics. She pleads, “Just don’t fall recklessly head-less-ly in love with me.”

Too late.

Show her love (pun intended), watch the tour-doc style video below, and pick up Body Talk Pt. 2. HERE.

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