Download | Yo La Tengo (January 31, 2013, The Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

I am not much of a concert reviewer, so if you’re looking for a review of the show, I’d suggest heading over to the Riverfront Times and checking out Ryan Wasoba’s fine review of the show.  I prefer, instead, to focus my efforts on taping and luckily, thanks to the Yo La Tengo camp and fellow taper Chris (aka yltfan), I was able to secure permission to both tape and share out the show. As such, Speakers in Code is happy to present YLT’s set from the Pageant, in its entirety, in both lossy MP3 and lossless FLAC formats for your enjoyment.

Many thanks to all involved for making it an extremely special night.

Download a copy of the show in lossy MP3 format HERE.

Download the show in lossless FLAC format HERE.

Note: All zip archives were created using no added compression in an attempt to maintain file integrity.

Also, feel free to stream the following selected tracks.

Avalon or Someone Similar

Mr. Tough

Before We Run

Little Black Egg

Yo La Tengo
January 31, 2013
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

Source: AKG C480B / CK61-ULS’s (DIN) > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 (16/44.1)
Location: DFC, FOB, clamped to rail, ~40′ back, ~9′ high
Transfer: PCM-M10 > USB > Audacity 1.3.13-beta (fades, normalize, amplify, splits) > WAV > FLAC Frontend 1.7 (Level 5) + FLAC 1.2.1 > FLAC
Taped and Transferred by Chris Finn ([email protected])

One Set
01. I’ll Be Around
02. Stupid Things >
03. We’re an American Band
04. Avalon or Someone Similar
05. Tears Are in Your Eyes
06. Banter (PSA, Fade)
07. The Point of It
08. Cornelia and Jane
09. Mr. Tough
10. Ohm >
11. Before We Run *
12. Moby Octopad ** >
13. From a Motel 6 >
14. Pass the Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
15. Crowd

16. Banter (Calexico, Merch)
17. Little Black Egg $
18. Crowd, Banter
19. The Farmer’s Daughter $$

* with Martin Wenk and Jacob Valenzuela on trumpets
** with Martin Wenk and Jacob Valenzuela on trumpets, Paul Niehaus on pedal steel and Joey Burns on vibes
$ with Paul Niehaus on pedal steel, Joey Burns on guitar, John Convertino on drums and Jacob Valenzuela (?) on vibes
$$ with Paul Niehaus on pedal steel, Joey Burns on guitar and John Convertino on drums

Fades on tracks 01 and 19
Calexico opened the show

Special thanks to the band for the taping nod and yltfan for his assistance

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