Jam of the Day | Gossip – Move In the Right Direction

As a new mama trying to lose the baby weight, this song by Gossip was meant for me. And to quote Jewel, I was meant for…it. Or, it’s the opposite of calorie burning, as it sort of reminds me of something a Mexican DJ would play at one of the Acapulco clubs my college friends and I visited during our senior spring break. It’s hard to lose weight on the dance floor when you’re downing tequila slammers every ten minutes. Yeah, we were cool back then.

But whether you’re a caught-up-in-south-of-the-border-ridiculousness youngin’ or a caught-up-in-poopy-diaperssigh…adult, “Move In The Right Direction” will make you shake your ass. And, regardless of our differences, booty bumping can bridge the divide. It’s for young and old. And those somewhere in the middle.

A Joyful Noise is out May 22nd. You can stream the whole thing now at Gossip’s website.

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