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In August, I wrote about Hayley Taylor’sNo More Wishing,” and how I admired her for defining her idea of a true love. I’m also quite fond of her latest release, One Foot in Front of the Other; Taylor’s given us an album full of honest tunes that play well to her strengths: thoughtful songwriting, strong melodies, and a dreamlike voice.

If you’re a fan of Ingrid Michaelson, Taylor’s songs should fit right in with your music library. Her passion comes through on every song she sings, making One Foot in Front of the Other a joy to listen to while you’re relaxing, or maybe driving down the back roads late at night.

Dreaming is the subject of our latest 10 to Spin, and we’re thankful that Hayley has joined in our little quest to find that perfect set of songs. Please enjoy!

“These are songs for dreaming: of far away lands and true love, sailing across the deep blue seas, living in a tree house on an island, and memorizing the pattern of the stars.” – Hayley Taylor

“Big Bird In A Small Cage” by Patrick Watson (Wooden Arms)

“Goin’ To Acapulco” by Jim James & Calexico (I’m Not There Soundtrack)


“Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen (Songs of Leonard Cohen)


“St. Augustine” by Band of Horses (Everything all the Time)


“Far, Far Away” by Wilco (Being There) [listen]

“Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes (Sun Giant)


“Love is all I Am” by Dawes (North Hills)


“Cello Song” by Nick Drake (Five Leaves Left)


“Lay Your Head Down” by Keren Ann (Keren Ann)


“Zebra” by Beach House (Teen Dream)

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