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A couple of weeks ago, Boston trio Carousel had our bodies movin’ with “Games,” an ebullient dance-rock Jam of the Day. We’ve been in touch with the new group and are pleased to bring you a Hometowns feature that has us ready to head east, hang at seedy bars, and nurse the resulting hangover with tacos and beer. Welcome to Allston, the west Boston neighborhood that Carousel calls home:

Have you ever written a song that pays tribute to Allston, or at least some aspect of it?
Our song “Get Up,” is based on all the girls we regularly see in our local coffee shops, grocery stores, and bars but never get a chance to talk to. More specifically, we wrote this song about a girl who works at our favorite coffee shop, Pavement. Its funny how intense of a crush you can get on someone you don’t even know.

In what Allston bar have you done most of your drinking?
That’s easy, The Model. We’ve been consistently going there for a little over a year now, and we find it to be the most balanced with the type of people we like to hang with. Thanks to BU, Allston is packed with a ton of bro bars, and we do our best to keep our distance. Though the Model can be a little frightening, its definitely a great time and always interesting…
If you could take me out for a drink in Allston, where would we go?
Although the Model makes sense on the wallet, just down the street there is a place we prefer called Deep Ellum. A better vibe and the drinks are great. Being whiskey lovers the go to is the “Deep Ellum Old Fashioned.”
If you could take me out for some grub in Allston, where we would we go and what would we eat?
We’d take you to Dorado. Its definitely our go-to restaurant after a long rehearsal or a rough weekend hangover. Its not your average east coast taco joint. We’d get a chicken taco plate, a side of chips and guac, and a Pacifico.
If you could take just one aspect of Allston with you on tour, what would it be and why?
The one aspect from Allston we’d take with us is the chill vibe. Unlike most cities, there’s no intense rush or hurry and it’s all really on your own time. We can look like scrubs and go anywhere, anytime, and it works.

Check out the video for the aforementioned “Get Up” below. Download the dub-steppy track, along with the entire 26 Allston EP, for free, here.

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