Jam of the Day | The 1975 – You

Photo | Rose Hardy

As a highfalutin music blogger, you’re awarded hundreds of emails a day from PR people. All of them say “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “ANNOUNCEMENT” or some form of those words put together.  Basically, they all ask for your attention before joining the massive pile sitting in your trash folder. I probably open 3% of them.

But I want to give props where props are due. I, 100% of the time, open the emails sent to me by one Mr. Vic Trubowitch, who helps spread the word for Vagrant Records.  This time around, it was a new jam by buzzing Manchester band The 1975, who joined their roster recently. “You” is the closing song on their new EP, awesomely entitled The Sex EP, which is chock-full-o catchy-ass jam after catchy-ass jam. It’s that damn infectious.

Keep killing it Vagrant.

Check out the JOTD below and go here to pick it up when it’s out later this month.

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