Jam of the Day | 2:54 – Creeping

Sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow named themselves after a very specific moment, 2:54 to be exact, in their favorite song, “A History of Bad Men,” by the Melvins. And if that’s not reason enough to give them a nod as best new band of the moment, let me present Exhibit B – the newly reworked single “Creeping.”

Moody, hypnotic, and heavily distorted, our Jam of the Day is driven by enough fuzzy guitar action to make you think Jonny Greenwood had a baby with Thurston Moore, and said offspring plays on this record. Which, now that I’ve mentioned it, would actually be one nice looking kid!

Listen below, and pick up 2:54’s eponymous LP via Fat Possum, on May 28th.

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