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As Mary kinda-said yesterday, the word pop, when used in certain musical circles, can be compared to one of those naughty words that can’t be spoken on network television. And while corporate radio and talent shows have helped us foster this hatred for an undeserving musical genre, there are still those glimmering hopes — the surprise underdogs, if you will, that come out of nowhere, smacking us across the face before vibrating through our auditory nerves, that remind us that when done right, a good pop song still makes the freaking world go ’round.

As artists like Joseph Arthur, Rhett Miller, and Paul Westerberg have proven time and again, you can ink a damn good pop song without losing any musical cred whatsoever — when you do it the right way, of course. And just like those more-established cats above, Joshua Cockerill brushes that pop hatred off his shoulder, by offering up a Jam of the Day that not only immediately captures our hearts with catchy-as-hell hooks, but also tears it apart when the song breaks near the end.

Check out the video below, then go here to pick up his music proper-like. And if you’re anywhere near NC this weekend, come check him out as he shares a bill with Admiral Fallow and Erin Rae, at Local 506, on Saturday night.  Should be a damn good time.

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