Jam of the Day | The Band in Heaven – Summer Bummer

I’m a firm disbeliever in serendipity, fate, and generally anything else that could be used for either the premise of a teen novel or a chick flick. Call it soulless, but that melarkey is for the birds. However, last week, while reading a list of “new” bands a friend sent me while doing Hopscotch Music Festival research, I received an email directly from the first band on the list, The Band in Heaven. To quote Kanye West: “that shit cray!”

After the goosebumps and cold chills subsided, I gave them a listen, quickly realizing we were indeed connected on a cosmic level. What I heard was that perfect mixture of melody beaten down by a wall of fuzz – and given we are now entering that dreadfully hot time of the year, “Summer Bummer” is now officially my musical soulmate. In fact, I’d marry it if NC hadn’t just passed that infamous son of bitch Amendment One.

Listen and download the Jam of the Day below. Then, go here, purchase their latest release, HoZac 7″, and get to know it well so you’re brushed up on its awesomeness before Hopscotch rolls around this September.

The Band in Heaven – Summer Bummer

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