Jam of the Day | Baths – Maximalist

Since the age of four, Will Wiesenfeld has lived a musical existence – from convincing his parents to enroll him in piano lessons, to mixing and recording his own tracks at thirteen. It was then that he decided to learn more instruments. The viola. The guitar. The contra bass. Inspiration struck, and Baths was born.

, Baths’ debut was released only last week, but it’s getting pretty major attention from the press for being Anticon’s first L.A. area artist – rightfully so. Will Wiesenfeld, San Fernando Valley musician and one-man electronic pop outfit, is a showman on the mixing board, bouncing around and working the knobs with all the finesse of…someone who’s good at working knobs?

Anyway, the standout of the album for me, “Maximalist,” is at the minimum chillwave. Gauzy overtones and laid back vibes layer with funk, the dulcet vocals trickle in between cut-out beats breathing in and out, signifying unexpected signs of life.

It’s not exciting or invigorating. But it’s awesome. Give it a try below.

Baths – Maximalist

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