Jam of the Day | Beans – Deathsweater

End It All is the fifth Beans album but the first to feature all guest production, and it finds the emcee pushing his distinct staccato rhyme style to new heights across a varied but fluid buildup of beats. The biggest throwback, and perhaps the best result, comes from the Nobody-produced “Deathsweater,”which also just so happens to be our Jam of the Day.

Aggressive until the end, End It All burns through thirteen tracks in thirty-three minutes, with Beans barely stopping to breathe. There is one exception, though: the appropriately titled “Mellow You Out.” Here, Beans slows his roll as his own words move in and out of eerie vocals by TV on the Radio’s, Tunde Adebimpe. The late album track is an obvious highlight, but more importantly, proof that Beans is as versatile as he is a true original, making him more dangerous than ever.

Download “Deathsweater” below and grab the whole LP here on February 15th.

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