Jam of the Day | The Black Angels – Telephone

Hi, my name is Katie. And I’m addicted to garage rock.

I did not even realize I suffered from such an affliction until I recently considered the July posts I penned for Speakers in Code. The desire to back my Oldsmobile out of the carport, crank The Black Angels, and shimmy under the protective roof is strong. Oh, the shame!

My newest obsession, the aforementioned Black Angels from Austin, Texas, premiered its latest single, “Telephone” two weeks ago on SPIN. It is freakin’ catchy, y’all. Tempered with moody organs and wounded howls at the moon, it’s perfect to express the pain of unrequited love, served straight up via an unanswered telephone.

The Black Angels – Telephone

The band’s third album, Phosphene Dream, comes out on September 14th on Blue Horizon Records. The Black Angels are also set to co-headline a tour with Black Mountain starting in October. Check out the tour dates, but be careful. Garage rock is addicting, sir.

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