Jam of the Day | BRONCHO – Try Me Out Sometime

Photo courtesy of the band

Sometimes in the summer, one of the great pleasures of living in North Carolina is that it’s only two hours or so if you just want to eff off to the beach by yourself for a day or two. I, for one, love a good solitary eff off beach vacation. Sometimes, though, you want a partner in that crime (for me, it’s usually my BFF, who is also my roommate, which makes planning an eff off trip to the beach easy), and this is the song you should play to someone you’re trying to seduce into a last minute trip to drink those premixed daquiris in foil pouches with your feet in the sand.

“Try Me Out Sometime” is a three minute straightforward plea to someone you like, a lot, to call you up sometime. It’s surf punk guitars and marching band drum rolls and Mick Jagger yelps all rolled into a single song about fleeting relationships — it’s okay to call him up sometime, and then let him go sometime, too — and it’s basically the perfect song for a good times has-an-end-date summer relationship. So that person out there that you’re into, you should play them this song, and then you should take an eff off trip to the beach with the rest of BRONCHO’s record, Can’t Get Past The Lips, playing loud with the windows down and somebody’s feet propped on the passenger sideview mirror.

There, BRONCHO and I have just solved your summer romance. Say thank you, and go call that guy or girl up right now.

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