Jam of the Day | brotherun – The Dissonance Between Us

Dissonance is the lack of harmony between musical notes, making it a word that’s not really applicable when describing the music of brotherrun – especially where our Jam of the Day, “The Dissonance Between Us” is concerned.  A song that starts with a simple plunking piano quickly builds, creepily, into something lush and interestingly intricate. Harmony — is not something it’s lacking in the least. So bad song title brotherun. Bad. Title.

But wait! There’s another definition! Dissonance is also an instance of inconsistency or disagreement.  And given the melodic, but eerie feel of this song, it could definitely be about a post-argument moment — laying beside someone while they sleep, wondering if you/them is in the right place. In my version, it’s raining out, and there is an exposed brick wall behind said bed containing the half-sleeping-couple. Don’t ask.

So you win brotherun…I take back what I said in that first ‘graph. Title applicable.

See what you feel below – let us know in the comments.

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