Jam of the Day | Browan Lollar – Freight Train Hearts

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You’d probably recognize Browan Lollar if you saw him; if not from his six years playing guitar with Jason Isbell’s band the 400 Unit, from another one of the moonlighting stints he’s done with a variety of Alabama and Mississippi bands. “Freight Train Hearts”, though, is from his first purely solo effort, an EP called The Givers And The Takers that’s out today, digitally, on This Is American Music.

“Freight Train Hearts” is a great glimpse into the talent that Lollar has at his disposal, and not just in the guitar playing; it’s not quite roots, not quite rock, not quite power pop, not quite the swampy soul sound of the Muscle Shoals scene where he played with Isbell. It’s all hooks, though, and catchy choruses, and Lollar’s mellow voice battling with the fuzzed out garage pop guitars. Top it off with a slice of stellar, heart-wrenching songwriting, and you’ve got a song that’s going to take Lollar a long, long, well-deserved way on his own, solo.

Buy the 5 track EP at TIAM here, and stream “Freight Train Hearts” below.

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