Jam of the Day | Carousel – Best of Me

Boston based trio Carousel has clearly been carving out a soft spot in our ears and hearts here at Speakers in Code over the last month or so. The Berklee College of Music trained outfit has chased their tightly crafted, entirely excellent, Allston 26 EP with another catchy tune, “Best of Me,” that finds the group delivering a dreamlike, beat-driven ballad that has an electronic soft-rock feel to it. For the most part, “Best of Me” is a laidback track, but as the aural offering progresses and builds, toe-tapping is both inevitable and unavoidable. With just four songs released (that we know of), Carousel is honing a unique electro-pop sound that somehow still feels familar and that usually makes for heavy rotation material in the headphones.

Listen to “Best of Me” below. Download the track here for $FREE.99. Thanks fellas. Keep the jams coming!

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