Jam of the Day | Chairlift – Amanaemonesia

Most of us may know Chairlift best from the 2008 iPod commercial that featured the Brooklyn trio’s sweet and mellow pop jam “Bruises” (from their solid debut LP, Does You Inspire You). The trio has since become a duo and remaining members Aaron Pfenning and Caroline Polachek have cultivated a buzzy following with fans and bloggers, with Polachek becoming quite the “indie darling,” so to speak.

That buzz will soon culminate in the release of the group’s second LP, Something (January 24th on Columbia). Lead single “Amanaemonesia” is a mesmerizing yet catchy tune that comes with an equally entrancing video (think 1980’s aerobics / karaoke). The track is rife with somewhat obtuse lyrics (“there’s a system of symbols that no one can vouch for…” what?) but if you can manage to let yourself be transported to Chairlift’s strange world, the payoff is a rapturously bizarre foray into well-crafted progressive-pop.

Check out “Amanaemonesia” below. Never before has a sea foam green spandex onesie been so oddly sexy. Pre-order Something here. If you’re in Chicago, catch Chairlift playing the Tomorrow Never Knows festival at Schubas Tavern on January 14th .

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