Jam of the Day | Class Actress – Weekend

“Bring it on/ Bring on the weekend…”

I always write my weekly Jam of the Day on Wednesdays. And, not gonna lie, sometimes it’s really hard to resist the tunnel vision temptation of gearing my selection toward my inevitable Hump Day Blues. But, with today’s JOTD, Class Actress’ “Weekend,” a synthy anthem hopelessly devoted to Saturday-Sunday bliss, how could I avoid the obvious correlation to middle-of-the-week blerginess?

I adore that Elizabeth Harper sings unabashedly about an oft-cheesy subject, the weekend, in a completely cool way. And unlike that infamous Loverboy track, she addresses her downtime with a “what’s up now” head roll and a triple snap in Z-formation. Bring it on! This jam is definitely not just about struggling to survive the work week. Or, just making it through. Heck, no.

Rapprocher is out October 18th on Carpark.

Listen to “Weekend” below, and if you like whatcha hearin’, download it via Stereogum HERE.

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