Jam of the Day | Dorado – Molotovs

If Buddy Holly made an electronic album, it might sound like Dorado. If the Black Keys decided to cover the Everly Brothers, it might sound like Dorado. If the Beach Boys and Springsteen got together and pulled out all the hand claps and electric guitars, it might sound like Dorado.

Mostly Dorado sounds like Dorado, though, the “side” project of Birmingham musician Jody Nelson who often fronts Through The Sparks, one of my favorite little-known bands out there. Dorado is great songwriting and a band of musicians gathered just to make lovely things, and Anger Hunger Love & The Fear Of Death is lovely. It’s fierce, it’s cheeky, it’s brilliant. I love side projects that aren’t side projects at all.

Stream “Molotovs”, my favorite track of the record, below, and pick up the whole record from This Is American Music here.

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