Jam of the Day | Eliza Doolittle – Rollerblades

Photo Credit: Valerie Phillips

There’s an internal struggle that pulls my musical soul apart when I hear songs like our Jam of the Day, “Rollerblades,” by Eliza Doolittle. I’m not sure what happens – I question what I’ve always known to be my musical taste. I question what my friends would think if they saw me bobbin’ my head to it in my car. Ultimately, I question my manhood.

But you know what?  Eff the man – I’m getting my pogo on.

I mean she’s a cute, British pop singer mining sounds from the ’60s and ’70s, while bringing her own undeniable unique spin on the music. What could possibly be wrong with that? Am I THAT much of a music snob or genre whore that I can’t branch out and feel like a 16 year-old girl every once in a while? Hells-to-tha-no. Those sassy-ass lyrics, British accent, and peppy melodies fit so nicely alongside the sharp production, splicing ska, funk, jazz and soul.

She’s already thrilling fans across the Atlantic, so I’m going to follow suit. Listen below, and if you like it you can pick up some of her stuff here, or wait for her U.S. debut in early 2k11.

Now where is my Caboodle, bitches?

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