Jam of the Day | EMA – Milkman

Music, for most, is something that is categorized internally. And while you may keep your record collection in alphabetical order, the virtual playlist in your head tells you exactly where songs, bands, even albums fall — and when exactly you should play them. There are the inevitable falling asleep albums, like Sigur Ros’ ( ). There are the 2 A.M. and you’re still awake albums like Twilight as played by the Twilight Singers. Then there are the albums that either hit the turntable when you’re going to the gym or trying to start a party. 

Erika M. Anderson, or EMA if you’re nasty, has created at least one song that falls into that last bucket. Our Jam of the Day, “Milkman,” turns it up in a way that would make Sleigh Bells blush. It’s to a level that is almost too loud…but in a really good way. The synth, drum machine, and guitar are tied together with vocals that are beautiful and completely raw at the same time. I don’t know who the milkman is, or what the hell he did, but I’m glad he inspired this. Keep gasping, EMA.

Erika’s debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints, came out last week. So download the song below, then go grab that shiz right here, folks. From what we’ve heard, it’s pretty musically varied  so it may be one of those albums that, as a whole, is impossible to categorize.

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