Jam of the Day | Exitmusic – Passage

I’ve listened to Exitmusic’s debut LP, Passages, twenty times probably. And I’ll be damned to find out this morning, when prepping this little post, that the voice I’ve been listening to on record is the same voice I’ve heard hundreds of times on HBO.

See, Aleksa Palladino, who is one-half of the the duo comprising Existmusic, also plays Jimmy Darmody’s wife on Boardwalk Empire…which is information that somehow escaped me. I love that show! Damn these talented actresses and their multifaceted abilities!

Listen to “Passages,” the song, below and delight your ears with the angst-laden emotions that ooze from it. Then, get your ass to Kings Barcade Thursday night during Hopscotch for the 12:30 slot to see them live. We’ll be there with little bells on our Toms-covered toes.

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