Jam of the Day | Eza- Headlights

Photo by Jon Karr

The amount of young talent coming out of Nashville right now is  rather impressive, but the artists that stick out the most are the ones that are hustling to craft their sound and keep the true nature of their music alive and well when they’re performing live. Ellery Bonham, who’s stage name is Eza, released a 4-song EP titled Means of Escape in 2014. Her new single “Headlights” was featured in the 2015 Nashville Indie Spotlight. Eza’s silky voice along with the combination of her vocal loops and synthesizers have created a catchy but moody electro pop sound that have made her songs incredibly addictive. “Headlights” was produced by Aaron Krause and the music video below was filmed by Matthew DeLisi Videography.


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