Jam of the Day | Fang Island – Daisy

I like to run to Fang Island. I don’t care if that sounds odd. I like to strap on the ole’ iPod, go running to a post-rock band and imagine that my steps are somehow the catalyst for the time-signature changes, awesome guitar solos, and vocal harmonies that would make The Beach Boys up their game. It’s not my typical exercise music, that’s for sure, but somehow it keeps my attention off what I’m doing enough to keep me sane, but it doesn’t blow my mind enough to send me sprawling into a pine tree.

“Daisy” is an incredibly complex, explosion of a song that teeters on the bounds of musical excess, but is composed in a way that never takes you far enough to become manic the way that some other similar bands challenge their listeners. And maybe it’s their melodies and guitar chops that drive things enough to stay completely kickass through the entire song.

For me – it succeeds where other bands like Animal Collective fail. It’s awesome without trying to be more awesome than it actually is. It’s complex without asking their listeners to hate it on the first hundred listens. Actually, maybe that’s it. It’s accessible and dense at the same time – meaning that there is a musical dexterity here that few bands can really pull off.

So give it a listen. And if you run, lace up that sweet pair of waffles and run your ass off. Just know how much cooler you are than those other jackasses who are rocking Britney down the trail.

Fang Island – Daisy

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