Jam of the Day | Firewater – A Little Revolution

Photo courtesy of Bloodshot Records

What ex-Cop Shoot Cop frontman Tod A does with Firewater shouldn’t work; no one should be able to merge field recordings of traditional Middle Eastern, Asian, and African music with fierce punk guitars and have the song work, let alone an entire album work. But that is, in fact, what Tod has been doing since 1997, and that is what he continues to do on Firewater’s upcoming International Orange, a record that was made and mixed in Tel Aviv and Istanbul during the 2011 Arab Spring.

The lead single, “A Little Revolution,” grooves and grinds with a little bit of an toothy edge. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard before, and it’s worth a listen. You can stream or download the track below.

International Orange! drops on Bloodshot Records on September 11th.

Firewater – “A Little Revolution”

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