Jam of the Day | Frank Turner – Recovery

Photo by Tara Novak

broken people can get better if they want to
or at least that’s what i have to tell myself
if i am hoping to survive

I’ve been known to credit British folk-punk Frank Turner with saving my life on more than one occasion; this time around, with the second single off his upcoming Tape Deck Heart, he’s pleading for help of his own: “Recovery” is a hook-filled, upbeat song about getting your heart crushed and all the destructive things we do in pursuit of that recovery, the things we seek to get over the things that have disappointed us.

The song lists and jerks into its own energy as Turner starts off a cappella, and after the first verse, the drums and keyboards crash in on the first chorus as he sings, it’s a long road up to recovery from here, a long way back to the light. The contrast between the jangle-pop of the chorus and the darker, noisier, hand-clapping of the choruses is a perfect musical juxtaposition for how you feel after a break-up, manic and depressing all at once.

Maybe you’re ready to dance through your breakup. This is the song for you. Stream it below, or check out the wild video over on YouTube.

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