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DISCLAIMER: I write the below post with full understanding that I am a 6’7” lanky white boy who lives in a college town located in the heart of North Carolina. I have attempted to execute six dance moves in my life which include: The Macarena. The Roger Rabbit. The Butterfly. The Electric Slide. The Cha-Cha Slide. The Harlem Shake (and I injured myself). With this in mind – please enjoy.

Remember the days when legit rap groups made comedy movies about throwing parties at their house? When it took two to make a thing go right? The days where you could be happy with just you, yourself, and…you? For me, the time when hip-hop was synonymous with party music seems long gone. Especially after the genre blew up and inevitably became overhyped, overfunded, and outplayed. Well, thankfully, we now have another example of what goes around comes around.

P-Smoov and Rik Rude, otherwise known as Fresh Espresso, have done something that seems damn near impossible on “Big or Small.” They somehow created a song that’s semi-chill, samples the Bee Gees – yet somehow makes you want to get up and out on the floor (see disclaimer). It’s a modernization of party hip-hop, but executed in a way that makes it accessible without feeling disingenuous.

And this is true for their entire debut album, Glamour, which features 14 tracks loaded with all the samples, bass driven beats, and party poetics that you’ll need to get that party started right.

Fresh Espresso – Big or Small

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