Jam of the Day | Gorillaz (feat. Daley) – Doncamatic (All Played Out)

Blur frontman Damon Albarn has proven, time and again, that he can craft some pretty darn catchy tunes. Albarn established and honed his songwriting endowment with Blur, and has continued to cultivate it with his wildly popular project, Gorillaz (not to mention The Good, The Bad, and The Queen). Gorillaz cranked out a banger of a concept record, the group’s third LP, with 2010’s Plastic Beach.

Albarn and Co. have now chased Plastic Beach with a new single entitled “Doncamatic” that features vocals from Brit singer Daley. The single is pop music pure and simple, with a sleek beat and an infectious hook. Daley’s impressive voice melds effortlessly with Albarn’s skilled composition and backing vocals.
Dance your turkey and pumpkin pie off with the studio EP version of “Doncamatic.” Buy it on iTunes. Watch the official vid below.

OR, if you’re still in a tryptophan-induced coma, here is a delightfully chill in-studio version from BBC Radio 1.

AND, just for fun (or if you can’t get enough of Daley’s hair), here is “Doncamatic” performed live in, of all places, Phoenix, Arizona.

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