Jam of the Day | Happiness – All Apologies

It’s still winter where I am, so the sad bastard stuff still leaves its mark. Ah, who am I kidding? It always leaves its mark.

This song is from the Swedish/UK producer/vocalist duo Happiness, and it’s called “All Apologies.” Here’s a quote from the director of the video, Adam Berg:

“[The band and I] were taking about making something different, not with young people with all their emotions and tantrums. We wanted to be with this older couple, find a calm place in their love, while around them, this drunk angry silence, people staring, gossiping…And in the centre of attention, this beautiful, loving elderly couple, like the most tender intimate moment, dancing, holding each other, real true love in the eye of the storm with only eyes for each other, at the heart of all this animosity….”

Beautiful melody and vocals here.

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