Jam of the Day | Heyward Howkins – Sugar Sand Stitched Lip

Photo courtesy of the artist

I’m not quite sure why I’m so utterly captivated by this video for Philadelphia’s Heyward Howkins’ “Sugar Sand Stitched Lip”: it’s sort of creepy, and the song, from Hoskins’ debut LP The Hale & Hearty, is equally creepy, Howkins’ warm voice disconnected from the eerie lyrics and the muted horns in the background, yet I’m fascinated by the narrative of it, by Howkins’ song, and by the two together. There’s just something eye-catching about eeriness, and this video has both atmospheric visuals and stunningly, oddly compelling music.

You can stream or purchase The Hale & Hearty via Howkins’ Bandcamp page.

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