Jam of the Day | The History of Apple Pie – See You

The History Of Apple Pie’s debut single, “You’re So Cool,” came out well over a year ago and immediately caused a stir with its fuzzed out melody and raw power. Riding the wave dredged up by their emotional live performances – their latest single, “See You” is receiving a whole heap of buzz here from the blog-o-sphere. So much so, it caused half of the writers here at SIC to DEMAND they tour with Yuck in order to collectively blow our brains straight out of our skulls.

The band’s debut album, Out Of View,comes out next week on January 28th and they’ve been kind enough to give us an exclusive look at one of the finished songs. Check it out below – especially if you are at all a fan of Dinosaur Jr., or any other fuzz driven band of yore.

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