Jam of the Day | Hooray For Earth – True Loves

When the aural cacophony of Hooray For Earth’s “True Loves” comes full force at about thirty-five seconds in, it becomes readily apparent that the NYC quartet have a knack for showcasing a contrast of heavy beats with breezy vocal arrangements. It is this sonic dichotomy that makes the eponymous track from their debut LP (Dovecote Records) something special. While “True Loves” is pushed by booming bass drum thuds and snare rim taps, the sound of the echoed vocals lightens the mood (despite somewhat ominous lyrics) and makes it easier to find a delightfully lilting reggae bounce that is buried underneath the track’s heavier layers. In a very Yeasayer-like way,”True Loves” evolves and becomes more unforgettable with each repeat play through your headphones. Intricate and dense, but still approachable, “True Loves” is a remarkable lead single from a very promising group.

Check out the primitive (horses, bows and arrows), supernatural (smoke portal? alternate dimensions? floating rocks?) video for “True Loves” below. Buy True Loves here.

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