Jam of the Day | How to Dress Well – & It Was U

Tom Krell wants to soundtrack the conception of your next child.

Well, maybe “wants to” is an overstatement, but if Krell (AKA How to Dress Well) didn’t expect baby-making going on during his tunes, then he shouldn’t have written an album inspired by Janet Jackson.

How to Dress Well’s sophomore record, Total Loss, took cues from Jackson’s critically acclaimed The Velvet Rope, and while Krell’s airy production and hipster R&B vocals ooze sexy, there’s still an emotional complexity there that keeps everything genuine. “& It Was U” is a slick groover and personal favorite that blends drum machines, synths and mad vocal hooks into the most enjoyable three minutes of neo-soul ever put to tape.

Krell and his band are scary talented and a joy to watch perform, so I’m very excited to get the chance to see them this October at the Mountain Oasis festival in Asheville, NC. Massive amounts of awesome are in store for this fall..

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