Jam of the Day | Iceage – White Rune

The members of Copenhagen’s Iceage are but mere teenagers, presently between 18 or 19 years of age (and in most cases, that would be the big story for a band who just released its debut LP to a music scene already eagerly awaiting its arrival.)  However, the story we should be telling is how the punk scene REALLY NEEDS a band like Iceage to come and deliver it from evil, a post-punk Jesus if you will, just without the robes and strappy sandals, of course.

With our Jam of the Day, “White Rune,” Iceage mixes punk, post-punk, goth and hardcore together to create something that sounds like a new sub-genre of music and does such an excellent job of blending these tropes with the pent-up frustration of the just-post-pubescent years of young men’s lives that they damn well may have. 

New Brigade, their debut album, is 26 minutes of tension, undiluted by worldly wisdom or amassed experience. It’s out now (pick it up here) but go ahead and get your fix by downloading “White Rune” below.

Iceage – White Rune

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