Jam of the Day | I’ve Just Seen a Face – The Beatles

Referring friends to check out your favorite music blog on Facebook can come with some serious effing perks. Take for example this, our Jam of the Day, hand selected by uber-fan Britt Holzmacher, featuring a little up-and-coming band known wittily as “The Beatles.” It just so happens to be her favorite song in the world, and now, it’s an official Speakers in Code JOTD!

This track from the U.S. version of Rubber Soul, and more famously from the Help! soundtrack, uncharacteristically features jangly guitars and foot stomping percussive goodness. A bit of a departure from their trademark Brit-pop sound, the semi-country feel frames another beautiful Beatles love ditty. And as with many Beatles loves songs, there is an immediate emotional connection. This one should bring up some feelings inside anyone who has ever loved a face, before loving the person behind it.

Download it here, or wherever music in general is sold. And  also, just try not to hum it for the rest of the day.

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