Jam of the Day | Jacuzzi Boys – Cool Vapors

Jacuzzi Boys, pictured above, are three pretty hip looking dudes from South Florida, bright as a neon sign at a strip club, and judging by their music, probably a lot of fun to hang out with. Their band name is one of the most brilliant on record, conjuring images of shirtless dudes in the ’80s, gold chains adorned with Mercedes-Benz pendants, hanging out in a steaming hot tub in Miami. Accompanied by some big-boobied ladies in string bikinis, these guys, my mental Jacuzzi Boys, are the coolest of the cool, ordering drinks like Sex on the Beach or Buttery Nipples just because that shit sounds awesome.

Does the fact a band name conjures such a mental image make me a huge music dork, and apparently a bit of a perv? Maybe. But I have to believe it at least makes other people smile. And if it doesn’t – the music will.

Our Jam of the Day, “Cool Vapors,” is not groundbreaking. It doesn’t push the limits of recorded music. But is it is pure sonic goodness that makes you want to do anything you can to have a good time. And what the hell is wrong with that?

Jacuzzi Boys – Cool Vapors 

Their new LP, Glazin’, is one of those rare records that start to finish, makes you want to be a fun person. And in today’s turbulent times, we could use something that picks us up, entertains the hell out of us, and drops us back off into reality feeling a bit lighter. So for that, Jacuzzi Boys, we thank you.

Pick up Glazin’ right here; it’s out Monday via Hardly Art.

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