Jam of the Day | Jailbox – I Hate It

Coming off 2010’s well-received debut, One For Each of Us, the Saint Louis-ish based foursome, Jailbox, boasts a new collection of songs. Today’s Jam of the Day is “I Hate It,” one of the tracks on the recent Empty Rooms EP.

Despite the uptempo beat and the slightly antipathetic title, “I Hate It” manages to finish still sounding like the acoustic lullaby it started as. Hushed and beautifully harmonized, the song’s biggest achievement is its restraint, its ability to resist the temptation to become something bigger than it really is. “I Hate It” grows and expands through its entirety, careful not to trespass across self-inflicted sonic borders.

Jailbox – I Hate It

The Empty Rooms EP is available now. Pick it up HERE.

Jailbox has been on a summer long acoustic tour, but the band will celebrate its (albeit, brief) homecoming with a show at The Gramophone with My Molly and One Lone Car on July 28th. Welcome the boys home, won’t you?

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